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Test Format

There are 3 types of RELTA:

  • RELTA for Pilots (IFR)
  • RELTA for Light Aircraft (VFR)
  • RELTA for Air Traffic Controllers

Each form of RELTA is designed to assess candidate's ability to speak and listen in both radiotelephony and face-to-face communications, across routine and non-routine situations using plain English. The candidate's English language comprehension, pronunciation, fluency, structure, vocabulary and interaction skills are rated in line with the six  ICAO language levels.

RELTA comprises a 25-minute speaking test and a 35-minute listening test. RELTA Speaking is delivered by a RELTA examiner and rated separately by two RELTA raters. RELTA Listening is computer-delivered.

  Voice-only Interview
  Section 1 Section 2
Section 3
  Routine Radiotelephony - Phraseology Non-routine Radiotelephony - Plain English Conversation - Complex Plain English
Delivered by examiner
25 minutes
Role-play using phraseology in routine radiotelephony communications Role-play using plain English in non-routine radiotelephony communications Interview related to Sections 2 and discussion about candidate's experience, ideas and opinions
Computer delivered
35 minutes
10 multiple choice questions
Isolated exchanges
10 short answer questions
Extended non-routine communications
10 multiple choice questions
Work-related conversation: post-incident debriefing