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Test Format

There are 3 types of RELTA:

  • RELTA for Pilots (IFR)
  • RELTA for Light Aircraft (VFR)
  • RELTA for Air Traffic Controllers

Each type is designed to assess the candidate's ability to speak and listen in both radiotelephony and face-to-face communications, across routine and non-routine situations using plain English.

The candidate's pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions skills are rated in line with the six ICAO language levels.

The RELTA Speaking Test takes approximately 25 minutes and the RELTA Listening Test takes up to 40 minutes. RELTA Speaking is delivered by a RELTA examiner and rated separately by two RELTA raters. RELTA Listening is computer-delivered.

  Voice-only Interview
  Section 1 Section 2
Section 3
  Routine Radiotelephony - Phraseology Non-routine Radiotelephony - Plain English Conversation - Complex Plain English
Delivered by examiner
25 minutes
Role-play using phraseology in routine radiotelephony communications Role-play using plain English in non-routine radiotelephony communications Interview related to Section 2 and discussion about candidate's experience, ideas and opinions
40 minutes
10 multiple choice questions
Isolated exchanges
10 short answer questions
Extended non-routine communications
10 multiple choice questions
Work-related conversation: post-incident debriefing