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RMIT English Language Test for Aviation (RELTA) is an English language test designed to assess pilots, air traffic controllers and light aircraft pilots for licensing purposes, as required by the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements.

RELTA uses aviation scenarios to reliably and effectively measure English language skills in both face-to-face and radiotelephony communication.

RELTA includes:

  • Assessment of listening and speaking skills for licensing purposes according to ICAO requirements.
  • Test results evaluated using the ICAO six-band language rating scale.
  • Local delivery and assessment by examiners trained and accredited by RMIT English Worldwide.
  • Regular monitoring of RELTA to ensure validity and reliability.

RELTA and ICAO Compliance

RELTA has been developed to meet the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements for testing.

  • RELTA for Pilots and RELTA for Light Aircraft assess the specific language needs of pilots, and RELTA for Air Traffic Controllers assesses the language proficiency of ATCs.
  • RELTA assesses candidates at all six ICAO language proficiency levels.
  • RELTA reflects the requirements of the ICAO holistic descriptors in the test design, format, administration and scoring processes.
  • The ICAO rating scale is applied in rating processes.
  • RELTA assesses proficiency in both phraseology and plain English in radiotelephony communications.
  • RELTA is a direct test of listening and speaking ability. RELTA does not assess reading and writing skills or knowledge of grammar.
  • Computers are used in the delivery of RELTA to enhance authenticity and task interactivity and allow for standardised and uniform administration.
  • RELTA requires candidates to communicate with examiners directly.
  • RELTA is rated by at least two accredited raters so that results are fair and reliable.
  • RELTA has been trialled with non-native and native-speaking aviation personnel.
  • RELTA has been rigorously checked for reliability and validity through statistical analysis of test data.
  • RELTA rating and reporting processes are externally controlled by RMIT English Worldwide to maintain test security and quality.
  • RELTA Examiners and RELTA Raters complete accreditation and recurrent training programs to maintain quality standards.
  • Multiple versions of RELTA are developed and maintained by RMIT.